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2024-2025 Program of Studies

Upper Arlington Schools has many classes, pathways and opportunities for students. We encourage you to take time to look through this Program of Studies to see what courses and pathways are best for your child. 

Students are encouraged to carefully plan a program of studies that will assist them in reaching their educational and occupational goals. Course descriptions are designed to guide students in selecting the subjects that will lead them toward these goals.

It is important that you select courses to ensure college and career readiness. We suggest that you: 

  • Review all requirements for graduation;
  • Read the information given about each department; 
  • Talk to your school counselor about developing a 4-year academic plan;
  • Junior or senior students can have a Late Arrival or Early Release, but not both. There is no guarantee - based on how the schedule is built, that these preferences can be honored. 
  • Students take between 5 to 7 credits a year.  It is strongly recommended that students take 6 credits.  Athletic eligibility is determined by passing 5 credits.

Upper Arlington High School will make every effort to maintain current records and to keep students and parents informed about the status of progress toward completing the necessary coursework for graduation requirements. It is each student’s and parent’s responsibility to be acquainted with the necessary requirements to meet this goal. School counselors are always available to meet and assist your family with this endeavor. 

If you have any questions about courses or pathways of interest, please reach out to any administrator, any counselor or one of your student's current teachers.