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Career Education


10 periods per week - up to 2 credits per year (repeatable class) 

Prerequisite: Must be 14 years old. Must be approved by CBIP teacher, high school counselor, and parent.

UA Rise is a pre-apprenticeship program which teaches basic technical and job-readiness skills that matriculate into a designated apprenticeship sponsored by the American Culinary Federation. Students are the owners/ managers/employees of our high school based coffee shop, UARise Cafe. The purpose of this course is to provide students with twenty-first century skills that are essential in today’s global society and is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of a small business. Students will also work on core competencies, including social and emotional skills, financial literacy, business readiness skills, ethics, safety skills, communication skills, entrepreneurial concepts, and problem solving and critical thinking. This pre-apprenticeship matriculates to Columbus State where graduates can qualify as a Certified Culinarian upon completion of an apprenticeship.

Students interested in this course should sign up for BOTH CBIP Work and CBIP Related.


1.0 credit — Grades 10, 11 & 12
(1 period per day for one year)
Prerequisites: None

In this first course in the pathway, students will research the historical perspectives and theories of education used in the forming of their own personal educational philosophy. Students will assess legal, ethical and organizational issues. Additionally, students will assess developmental appropriate practices and identify challenging issues associated with teaching children with diverse needs. Career planning, professional guidelines and ethical practices will also be emphasized.



1.0 credit — Grades 11 & 12
(1 period per day for one year)
Prerequisites: None

Students will develop age-appropriate learning experiences and curriculum to engage children and help them learn. They will determine curricular goals, create lesson plans, and employ grading and assessment strategies to measure targeted learning outcomes. In addition, students will develop online instruction using learning management system platforms.

Courses to be Offered in Future Years

Child and Adolescent Development

1.0 credit — Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12
(1 period per day for one year)
Prerequisites: None

Students will examine and apply the theoretical foundations of human growth and development to child and adolescents. Additionally, leaners will determine children’s learning styles; stages of social, emotional, cognitive and physical development; and needed accommodations in educational settings. Throughout the course, family and community engagement, cultural influences on learners and language growth and development will be emphasized.

Classroom Management

1.0 credit — Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12
(1 period per day for one year)
Prerequisites: None

Students will apply developmentally appropriate techniques to advance learners’ social and emotional growth. They will create classroom environments to maximize the learning potential of each learner. Additionally, learners will create and enforce classroom rules, establish classroom routines, and model self-discipline for learners. Conflict resolution, positive discipline and behavioral-modification techniques will be emphasized throughout the course.

Educational Assessment

1.0 credit — Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12
(1 period per day for one year)
Prerequisites: None

Students will create and administer assessments to evaluate learners’ knowledge and skill development. They will examine types of assessments, align assessments with desired learning goals, and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of assessments. Additionally, learners will utilize assessment data to develop and improve curriculum and instruction that helps the learner. Using assessments as an effective medium for communications between the instructor and the learner will be emphasized throughout the course.