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Global Language

The Global Language Curriculum Mission: We envision a future in which students live, work and thrive as global citizens in an interdependent world. Students will embrace learning as a life-long endeavor, engage in self-reflection and cultivate respect for differing viewpoints. As informed individuals they will participate actively in local, national and global communities.

A Proficiency-Based Curriculum: The Upper Arlington’s nationally recognized program follows the proficiency model of the American Council of Teachers of World Languages. A proficiency-based global language curriculum establishes specific performance levels of language achievement.  Students should aim to demonstrate proficiency in the three modes of communication:  Interpersonal, Interpretive, Presentational. These modes incorporate the skill areas of listening/viewing, speaking/signing, reading and writing.  

For Students Enrolling in Global Language: Students enrolled in all global language courses should demonstrate proficiency in the three areas of communication at a minimum holistic score of “6” (on a scale from one to nine).  Those who do not demonstrate proficiency will receive credit for their present language course as long as they receive a passing grade. However, because the proficiency score is a predictor of success in the next level, students who do not demonstrate proficiency will be recommended to not advance to the next level. 

The Global Language Resource Center: The Global Languages Resource Center (GLRC) is staffed with teachers who serve as mentors to provide additional opportunities for students to practice the language.  Teachers in GLRC help students:

  • prepare for their performance demonstrations;
  • edit their written work;
  • research information;
  • develop and employ their media skills; 
  • review for tests and quizzes;
  • improve their study skills;
  • complete assignments; and
  • develop proficiency in the modes of communication.