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Community Service

Required Summer Service Hours

Did you know that all sophomores, juniors and seniors are NOT required to attend school on August 14 and that only freshmen come on this day? To make up for this extra day off, we ask all 10th-12th graders to complete 6 hours of community service for an organization of their choice — a great chance for them to give back to the community and use their gifts, talents and skills in service to others. In order to have these hours count, please make sure they meet the following criteria: 

  • Completed during the summer - June 1 through September 30, 2024 

  • Entered into the x2Vol platform within the Naviance Dashboard and verified by your community service contact by September 30, 2024

Any student who does not have summer service submitted and verified online by September 30, 2024, will be marked with an unexcused absence for August 14, 2024.

Service Ideas

Need a great idea for doing service in July? Go to x2Vol and search “Summer Institute for Authentic Learning.” This conference is being held at UAHS on July 23-24, 2024, and they are looking for volunteers! You can pick up ALL your hours at this event AND it will be easy and fun. 

Ideas for virtual service:   


Contact Jeanne Gogolski, Career Development/Service-learning Coordinator.

Rules for Community Service

All volunteer activities must be:

  • Completed without pay.

  • Completed for someone other than a family member.

  • Completed for the school or service agency/organization. Volunteering for a “for-profit” company is not considered community service, unless you are participating in a community event sponsored by a “for-profit” company.  

In addition, please note the following rules:

  • Youth in the Booth does not count as community service, unless you have donated your pay and can produce a receipt.

  • All political activities must be non-partisan (i.e., working for the League of Women Voters or Get Out the Vote. NOT - working for a specific campaign for a candidate)

  • Extended service trips/camps can receive a maximum of 18 hours per day. This includes 6th grade camp (maximum of 48 hours for 6th grade camp).

  • Religious activities count with the exceptions of teaching or preaching.