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Recording Your Service Hours

Community service hours can be logged by Upper Arlington High School students using the x2Vol platform within the Naviance Dashboard

  1. Go to your Naviance Dashboard and click on the "Careers" tab. Choose the x2Vol option under "Experiential Exploration."

  2. On your dashboard, click the green button, "Add Hours," and you will be directed to your Activity Log page.
  3. Click the blue button, "Create New," to create a personal project. Include the activity name, project description, total hours, date, etc. and add any attachments, if needed. Be sure to enter the name and email of the person who can verify your hours. If you do not include this information, you will delay the approval process.
  4. Under Apply Hours to Goals click Apply to all non-exclusive goals. This will allow you to apply your hours to the President's Volunteer Service Award and/or Senior Service Cord, if you would like to be considered for these awards.

  5.  You must check the Honor Code before submitting your hours. You are claiming that the information you submitted is accurate and true.

  6. Be sure to click Submit at the end. 

  • If this is a recurring project, be sure to check the box "Make This a Recurring Project" to save it to your Activity Log, which will allow you to simply add hours and dates in the future, instead of logging the entire activity from scratch.
  • If you've done a project over multiple dates, you should enter the last date of the experience and provide some details in the notes section. If you put more than 16 hours in a single day, you must include the details about specific dates and times the service was completed in the "notes" section. For example, putting 30 hours in one day and saying “worked as a camp counselor” will not be acceptable. Please include the details that provide clarification, such as: “I worked 5 hours a day on July 10 - July 15, 2023 for a total of 30 hours.” Your hours will not be approved without the details.