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Flex Credit

We have developed and implemented state-mandated “flexible credit” options for our students. With flex credit, students will be able to show what they know and move on to other more advanced classes or take elective courses in other departments. They will be able to earn course credit in ways not limited to “seat time” or the walls of our school building. They will be able to customize aspects of their learning around their interests and needs, which might include flexible scheduling, a choice of modalities (i.e. online learning and community-based projects), as well as options to pursue niche interest areas, combine subjects, or even graduate early. All high school students have the opportunity to submit an application for flex credit. Graduation requirements must be taken for a letter grade.  Electives may choose letter grade or pass/fail.

With flex credit, students can earn credit in three ways, or in a combination of these ways:

  1. Complete traditional coursework
  2. Credit through testing out: Testing occurs three times a year – December during exam week (deadline to register is October 15); June, the first week after school is out (deadline to register is April 15); and August (deadline to register is May 31). The week after registration closes, student will receive course information sheet and any pre-exam assignments. Requirements vary by course.  Most have exam portion coupled with written paper or lab activity. You may only take a flex credit exam once per subject.
  3. Credit by educational option: available in the summer or fall (deadline to register is April 15) and the spring (deadline to register is December 1). Examples may include but are not limited to – distance learning, educational travel, independent study, internship, music, arts or non-school sponsored athletics. Physical Education proposals must include the following five areas of fitness – cardiovascular, endurance, flexibility, nutrition and strength. Students will be asked to develop a portfolio of learning evidence and present to a committee of school counselors and multiple content area teachers.