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Attendance Information

Upper Arlington Schools believes that regular school attendance is vital to student success. 

Per Board of Education Policy 5200 - School Attendance, if their child has been absent from school or from class for any reason, parents/guardians must notify their child’s school of the cause for such absence.  

Parents/guardians may use the pre-planned absence form below to notify their school principal at least 10 days in advance, when possible, of a planned absence.

Pre-Planned Absence Form

To report a student absence due to illness or unplanned circumstances, please contact your child’s school using the notification methods outlined on this page.

Report an Absence

In order to streamline the absence reporting process, we ask that parents either:

  • Send a written note
  • Leave a voicemail on the attendance line (614-487-5213)
  • Or complete the Absence Notification Form below. We will no longer accept emails. 

By using the online form, we are able to organize and record absence requests in a more efficient manner. Note that the form will collect your email address, which we will use to verify the request, so please use an email address that is on file in PowerSchool. 

Additionally, parents should follow the instructions in the online form to also submit a Pre-Planned Absence Request.

Coming Soon! 2024-2025 Absence Notification Form

Pre-Planned Absence Form

Please email the completed Pre-Planned Absence Form for your student's planned absence to: